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Introducing UNITREX® Ultra R-Panel Corrugated Polycarbonate Panel

For Release: Immediately Contact: Jason Dunn • 1-800-474-2732 • Introducing UNITREX® Ultra R-Panel; the Strongest Corrugated Polycarbonate Panel Available Based on strength and performance, Ultra R-Panel is the ultimate siding and roofing polycarbonate panel for your facility. Ultra R-Panel is designed as an exact match to a metal R-Panel profile. Ultra R-Panels take on harsh weather conditions, impacts from warehouse equipment, and corrosive chemicals and liquids, and still makes your building look like

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H&F Manufacturing Corp. Introduces New Corporate Logo

FEASTERVILLE, PA…H&F Manufacturing, a manufacturer of plastic building material since 1973, is pleased to introduce its’ new company logo. The new logo incorporates a bold oval containing the company initials. At the base of the oval is line art of corrugated plastic sheeting, the staple product of H&F Manufacturing. The original, familiar logo consisted of simple block letters. “We felt the need to make our logo bold to stand out more in our advertising,” states Robert

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Phase-2® PVC Sheet Panels

Constructed of heavy-gauge, solid, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Phase-2 PVC Sheet Panels from H&F Manufacturing are the ideal roofing, siding and louver material for applications that demand resistance to corrosive materials and chemicals. Phase-2 Panels were designed for markets such as chemical processing, agriculture, metal refining, fertilizer manufacturing, plus paper and pulp processing. Phase-2 Panels offer the broadest range of resistance to chemicals, corrosive fumes and liquids. In addition, the panels offer superior UV resistance, and

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Fire Damage Diminished by Phase-2 PVC Building Panels

When a fire broke out at the manufacturing facility of a metal finishing company in Houston, Texas, the company sustained moderate damage as a result. According to a fire department official, however, the outcome could have been much worse without PVC building panels. Had it not been for the fact that two years prior the company replaced the metal panels on the sides and roof of their building with Phase-2 PVC building panels, the company

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Phase-2 Siding test results from a major chemical company in Delaware

BACKGROUND: Corrugated Building Siding needs to be installed on a building, along several wall orientations and elevations. Materials of construction were reduced to two considerations, Phase-2 PVC panels and FRP. Both materials exhibited similar resistance to corrosion while maintaining a toughness to physical and environmental abuse. PVC, was, however, considered to be a safety concern that it would become brittle, such that it would shatter or break apart easily under extreme cold conditions. WHAT’S AT STAKE?:

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Phase-2 PVC & Unitrex Polycarbonate Panels Repair Plant Explosion

Explosion at a southern fertilizer plant requires several hundred Phase-2 PVC and Unitrex Polycarbonate Corrugated Panels within 72 hours A southern fertilizer plant had an explosion and several hundred Phase-2 PVC Panels and Unitrex Polycarbonate Corrugated Panels were needed within 72 hours after an order was placed. Upon receipt of the confirming purchase order, all of the material required on the purchase order was cut and shipped within 24 hours. Our traffic department was able

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Emergency at a large chemical company in Southern Georgia resolved with PVC Corrugated Panels

On a Saturday afternoon, we received a call from a large chemical company in Southern Georgia informing us that an emergency had developed in one of their operation buildings. In order to put this building back into operation a quantity of our Phase-2 PVC corrugated panels, cut to special lengths, would be required at the plant on Monday morning. H&Fs “emergency crew” prepared these PVC corrugated panels on Sunday morning and by noon the panels were on the

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PVC Siding Panels & Roofing Panels for All Applications

H&F Manufacturing offers high quality PVC Siding Panels and Roofing Panels built to last for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, agricultural, and do-it-yourself applications. Phase-2® PVC Panels – For siding, roofing, and louver panels in corrugated and flat profiles Phase-2 PVC Sheets provide unique and versatile solutions for a vast array of industrial and commercial applications. These solid, heavy-gauge PVC Siding Panels and Roofing Panels are cost effective, and maintain color and structural integrity under

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Phase-2 PVC

[two_col_50_50_col1] Phase-2 PVC Siding, Roofing, and Louver Panels are solid, heavy gauge Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) extruded sheets that maintain color and structural integrity under the toughest weather conditions and physical abuse. Phase-2 PVC is Factory Mutual Approved for unlimited height use, without the need for sprinkler protection, and offers a Non- Combustible Flame Spread Rating of 12. Phase-2 PVC also performs exceptionally in resisting most corrosive conditions from many organic and in-organic chemical fumes and

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Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Panels: Built to Last

Using polymers enables various builders, from the do-it-yourselfers to industrial contractors, to create lightweight construction such as skylights and non-load-bearing walls. While there are many benefits to polycarbonate building panels, it may help project managers to fully understand where these multi-wall panels make the most sense.  To do this requires an understanding of the many advantages of polycarbonate when compared to other materials, and to review some examples of where multi-wall polycarbonate panels are most

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