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PVC Siding Panels & Roofing Panels for All Applications

H&F Manufacturing offers high quality PVC Siding Panels and Roofing Panels built to last for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, agricultural, and do-it-yourself applications.

pvc siding & roofing panels

Phase-2® PVC PanelsFor siding, roofing, and louver panels in corrugated and flat profiles
Phase-2 PVC Sheets provide unique and versatile solutions for a vast array of industrial and commercial applications. These solid, heavy-gauge PVC Siding Panels and Roofing Panels are cost effective, and maintain color and structural integrity under the harshest weather conditions and physical abuse. Phase-2 PVC Panels offer superior corrosion resistance, UV resistance, and will not yellow or turn brittle. They are ideal for use in PVC siding and roofing applications.

UNITREX® Polycarbonate PanelsFor Industrial and Commercial siding and roofing panels
UNITREX Polycarbonate is a heavy duty, corrugated building panel ideal for new or replacement siding and roofing applications. UNITREX Panels offer maximum durability against cracking and peeling. Virtually UV resistant, the panels protect your equipment and employees from harsh weather conditions, pollution, harmful UV rays, and high-impact forces.

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