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Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Panels: Built to Last

Using polymers enables various builders, from the do-it-yourselfers to industrial contractors, to create lightweight construction such as skylights and non-load-bearing walls. While there are many benefits to polycarbonate building panels, it may help project managers to fully understand where these multi-wall panels make the most sense.  To do this requires an understanding of the many advantages of polycarbonate when compared to other materials, and to review some examples of where multi-wall polycarbonate panels are most commonly used.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Panels

Compared to glass and other non-polymer materials, builders and engineers who incorporate polycarbonate panels find that they have numerous benefits.  For skylights and industrial settings, polycarbonate building panels are better at handling UV rays from sunlight and impact strikes such as hail, stones or any flying materials.  In addition, these multi-wall panels can also handle high-variance temperature shifts making them great all weather building panels with the added ability to protect various types of equipment from fire and smoke.

Polycarbonate building panels can be used as both curved and flat forms to accommodate interior wall designs with much more ease than other materials.  Similarly, shapes that would otherwise be impossible to form with other building materials can be formed into polycarbonate panels.  All this helps to creates less work for installers simply because these multi-wall panels can be installed without the use of adhesives, or the need to cover up installations thanks to snap covers and other elements.

Commercial Applications

Using polycarbonate multi-wall panels for business needs can offer a cost-effective alternative to dividing up rooms for employees or providing protection from a factory floor for the quality assurance personnel, for example.  Polycarbonate panels are often used to funnel traffic at stadiums and arenas since this form of sheeting provides a prime location for printing advertisements, logos and even providing directions for visitors.

Similar possibilities exist for businesses with large offices, allowing visitors to easily make their way from one department to the other.  Polycarbonate panels used for advertisements and signage can increase brand visibility for businesses from passing traffic, on the road or pedestrians, with the added benefit of a long lifespan due to the inherent protection from UV rays and heat that polycarbonate provides.

polycarbonate multi-wall panels

As mentioned, polycarbonate is a phenomenal all weather building panel that can also be used as an alternative for roofing and windows, especially in manufacturing facilities where temperature control is important to ensure no issues with the production processes. Protecting atriums and other smaller outdoor spaces is also possible using polycarbonate multi-wall panels at a lower cost than glass and at a lighter weight to help reduce the amount of structural support required.

Utilized as a roofing panel the polycarbonate still allows for natural light to shine in, but with additives can help businesses change the transparency of the roofing panel to either protect workers and visitors from UV light or to help create a desired ambience.  From the inside out, these multi-wall panels can help protect employees from flashing or other potentially harmful elements of manufacturing without completely blocking off the area.  With the use of strategic additives, polycarbonate multi-wall panels can provide enhanced corrosion resistance.  This is especially useful where a production or fabrication process includes, or produces, noxious chemicals causing occupational safety hazards.  In this case, polycarbonate building panels can help by adding another layer of protection for non-production staff working in the same building and allowing for multiple uses of a given property without high expenses.

DIY and Residential Applications for Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Panels

For many do-it-yourself enthusiasts, researching materials for projects consists of a quick scan of possibilities online, followed by a quick trip to the local big box home improvement store. Without realizing it, they may be setting themselves up with an unnecessarily high budget and a project that does not incorporate the best components for their given application.

Polycarbonate multi-wall panels, and roofing panels, can be used to make highly effective greenhouses of any size and are perfect for enclosing a swimming pool or hot tub to help extend use into the winter months.  Families can create conservatories or help protect sunrooms from the elements without having to pay for a costly off-the-shelf system.

polycarbonate greenhouse panelsPolycarbonate building panels are a great material option for people looking to turn a shed or other outdoor structure into an office or living space.  The interior would look much more inviting with a polycarbonate skylight, or two, helping to augment whatever artificial lighting system is in place.  It is also possible to extend walkways with canopies or build weather independent passageways between detached garages and carports by using polycarbonate panels.  All without worrying about the higher costs associated with multi-material construction.

H&F Manufacturing Is Here to Help

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