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Phase-2® PVC Sheet Panels

Constructed of heavy-gauge, solid, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Phase-2 PVC Sheet Panels from H&F Manufacturing are the ideal roofing, siding and louver material for applications that demand resistance to corrosive materials and chemicals.

Phase-2 Panels were designed for markets such as chemical processing, agriculture, metal refining, fertilizer manufacturing, plus paper and pulp processing. Phase-2 Panels offer the broadest range of resistance to chemicals, corrosive fumes and liquids. In addition, the panels offer superior UV resistance, and a Flame Spread Rating of 12. Phase-2 Panels maintain their color and structural integrity under the toughest weather conditions. And best of all, Phase-2 Panels look great, improving your property’s value and aesthetics, all at a very competitive cost.

The panels range from glass-clear to fully opaque, in several different profiles that match FRP, steel, aluminum, and asbestos-cement configurations. The panels can be cut to any width and length up to 47” wide x 38’ long.

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