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PHASE-2® PVC Siding Panels & UNITREX® Polycarbonate: An Ideal Combination for Industrial Facilities

  PHOTO CAPTION: PHASE-2® 4.2 White panels used for exterior siding panels, and UNITREX® 4.2 Clear panels used for window applications. IVYLAND, PA… Industrial facilities are prone to harsh conditions caused by weather, corrosion, heavy equipment damage, vandalism, and everyday wear and tear. Building materials need to be able to withstand the toughest conditions. Glass breaks. Metal rusts. Concrete cracks. Fiberglass yellows and becomes brittle. Now there is a virtually unbreakable combination of roofing and

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Why Use Phase 2 PVC for Plastic Roofing?

Many companies are moving towards using PVC panels in a variety of sectors for both siding and roofing needs. The Phase 2 line from H&F Manufacturing offers protection from a variety of environmental factors as well as being cost-effective and easy to install and repair. It is this combination that has led to its adoption in a wide variety of industries as both a roofing material as well as a siding option. Here are some

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Phase-2 Siding test results from a major chemical company in Delaware

BACKGROUND: Corrugated Building Siding needs to be installed on a building, along several wall orientations and elevations. Materials of construction were reduced to two considerations, Phase-2 PVC panels and FRP. Both materials exhibited similar resistance to corrosion while maintaining a toughness to physical and environmental abuse. PVC, was, however, considered to be a safety concern that it would become brittle, such that it would shatter or break apart easily under extreme cold conditions. WHAT’S AT STAKE?:

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Phase-2 PVC & Unitrex Polycarbonate Panels Repair Plant Explosion

Explosion at a southern fertilizer plant requires several hundred Phase-2 PVC and Unitrex Polycarbonate Corrugated Panels within 72 hours A southern fertilizer plant had an explosion and several hundred Phase-2 PVC Panels and Unitrex Polycarbonate Corrugated Panels were needed within 72 hours after an order was placed. Upon receipt of the confirming purchase order, all of the material required on the purchase order was cut and shipped within 24 hours. Our traffic department was able

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Phase-2 PVC

[two_col_50_50_col1] Phase-2 PVC Siding, Roofing, and Louver Panels are solid, heavy gauge Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) extruded sheets that maintain color and structural integrity under the toughest weather conditions and physical abuse. Phase-2 PVC is Factory Mutual Approved for unlimited height use, without the need for sprinkler protection, and offers a Non- Combustible Flame Spread Rating of 12. Phase-2 PVC also performs exceptionally in resisting most corrosive conditions from many organic and in-organic chemical fumes and

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