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Why Use Phase 2 PVC for Plastic Roofing?

Many companies are moving towards using PVC panels in a variety of sectors for both siding and roofing needs. The Phase 2 line from H&F Manufacturing offers protection from a variety of environmental factors as well as being cost-effective and easy to install and repair. It is this combination that has led to its adoption in a wide variety of industries as both a roofing material as well as a siding option. Here are some reasons why it is so versatile and where our clients have already started using it. Of course, that does not mean that they are limited to these areas.

Benefits of Phase 2 PVC for Plastic Roofing and Siding

The Phase 2 PVC line of panels afford a combination of cost effectiveness as well as extreme resistance to a variety of environmental stresses. One of the most important is that the panels are highly flame resistant and have phase 2 pvc plastic sidingearned the Class 1 Non-Combustible Material of Construction rating. This means that they can be used in installations without the costly additional necessity of sprinkler systems. Related to the flame-retardant nature is the Phase 2 line’s resistance to sunlight and temperature shifts. It can be used in environments ranging up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and even with direct sunlight will not become yellow or turn brittle as a result.

Of further importance in a variety of applications is the extensive resistance to corrosion, including strong acids like hydrochloric, nitric and phosphoric. There are some chemicals that are not recommended for use where Phase 2 PVC plastic siding has been installed, including acetones, ketones and ethers. For most other corrosive materials, however, the siding and plastic roofing panels will suffer little to no degradation. That strength also comes into play when it is used as part of roofing, due to the high impact strength that enabled it to pass the FMRC requirement for simulated hail damage as well as wind uplift pressure.

Sample Plastic Siding: Cooling Towers

H&F Manufacturing Corporation offers a number of different types of Phase 2 PVC paneling, but one interesting use is in cooling towers. We can cut down our panels from up to 47-7/8″ by 38′ long to the dimensions you need for louvers and other panels at our facility. Since Phase 2 panels offer significant strength benefits and little in the way of protections such as sprinkling or UV barriers, they can easily be installed by on-site staff both for new facilities or to repair existing installations without worrying about the delivery process.

Other Applications for Phase 2 PVC Plastic Siding and Roofing

Using PVC panels as part of a structure is most common in areas where corrosion, sun and other factors require a lightweight yet strong manufacturing material. That makes it a good fit for municipal salt storage facilities where the halite crystals can cause significant damage over time when alternatives may not last.

In addition, the panels can be used for translucent roofing and the creation of skylights that will reduce the need for lighting and the associated electrical costs, as well as canopies and many types of enclosures. Non-translucent panels can help to separate food manufacturing areas with easy-to-clean-up panels as well as waste water treatment areas. In both situations, the benefit is the limitation of spills and backsplash from chemicals to enter into other areas not related to production or treatment.

Phase 2 Siding Panels in Action

Fire resistance is important in a number of manufacturing facilities and one H&F Manufacturing client learned that first-hand when a section of their facility caught on fire. The wall panels absorbed much of the heat and did not lose their integrity until the temperature reached extreme levels. By using PVC panels rather than common corrugated metal, the fire was localized.

That saved thousands of dollars because the fire did not spread to expensive equipment. Further, because of the modular nature of the panel construction, replacing the ones that had succumbed to flame was easy for the company.

Find the Right Roofing and Siding Materials for Your Needs

Phase 2 PVC panels can be used in a variety of applications and also come in specialized compositions. Find out more about these options and get help finding the right panel for your construction or renovation needs by calling H&F Manufacturing Corporation at 800-474-2732 or clicking on the contact us link at the top of the page.