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Benefits of Polycarbonate Panels for Agriculture

For years, when people thought of a greenhouse, they pictured a building made of glass. That isn’t always the case anymore. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using polycarbonate to build your greenhouse: It’s much more durable than glass When you build a greenhouse using glass, you run the risk that it will crack, whether due to hail, an errant baseball from a neighborhood ballgame, or vandalism. Polycarbonate is much more

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Why Use Phase 2 PVC for Plastic Roofing?

Many companies are moving towards using PVC panels in a variety of sectors for both siding and roofing needs. The Phase 2 line from H&F Manufacturing offers protection from a variety of environmental factors as well as being cost-effective and easy to install and repair. It is this combination that has led to its adoption in a wide variety of industries as both a roofing material as well as a siding option. Here are some

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Emergency at a large chemical company in Southern Georgia resolved with PVC Corrugated Panels

On a Saturday afternoon, we received a call from a large chemical company in Southern Georgia informing us that an emergency had developed in one of their operation buildings. In order to put this building back into operation a quantity of our Phase-2 PVC corrugated panels, cut to special lengths, would be required at the plant on Monday morning. H&Fs “emergency crew” prepared these PVC corrugated panels on Sunday morning and by noon the panels were on the

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Top Applications for PVC AG-TUF Sheeting

There are a number of types of PVC panels and sheets that work in various applications, but one of the toughest materials available is Phase-2 PVC AG-TUF. Designed to work in environments where liquids and solvents could cause damage to structures, there are a number of settings where companies should consider it as a protective addition. Farming and Animal Breeding Many customers who choose PVC AG-TUF materials do so for farming. The sheets can be

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