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Top Applications for PVC AG-TUF Sheeting

PVC AG-TUF Sheeting RoofingThere are a number of types of PVC panels and sheets that work in various applications, but one of the toughest materials available is Phase-2 PVC AG-TUF. Designed to work in environments where liquids and solvents could cause damage to structures, there are a number of settings where companies should consider it as a protective addition.

Farming and Animal Breeding

Many customers who choose PVC AG-TUF materials do so for farming. The sheets can be cleaned frequently and are resistant to cleaning chemicals that can eat into other panels. Users often note that employees are able to maintain the installation with relative ease because the glossy finish helps to highlight any stains or other areas that need cleaning. Key facilities that take advantage of this material include poultry and pig farms as well as dairies.

Horse and dog breeders also take advantage of these PVC sheets for a number of reasons. In the case of horses, the paneling is impact-resistant and can protect interior and exterior structures from kicking and other actions. In addition, the PVC AG-TUF materials are scratch- and mark-resistant which is important for puppies and dogs waiting to be fed or exercised. For those who sell the animals that they breed, customers will not have to smell the odors that come from animal upkeep due to resistance of smelly particles.

PVC Sheeting AG-TUF InteriorMeat and Food Processing

Plants that process agricultural products often face problems from splattering and the need to regularly clean machinery and holding pens for animals. The fact that the PVC AG-TUF is impact-resistant helps not just for animal breeding but also meat packing in the case of a momentary panic of animals. The PVC components are unbreakable in a falling impact test of two pounds from a height of 40 inches. Reflective properties of the corrugated liner panels also ensure that employees are able to see what they are doing and limit the potential for any cruelty during the course of their duties.

Workshops, Industrial Buildings and Factories

The high flashpoint of 750 degrees Fahrenheit minimizes the risk of fire from sparks or small conflagrations during factory and workshop procedures. In addition, the reflectiveness of the high-gloss finish reduces utility bills for lighting as well as heating and cooling by providing a consistent, well-illuminated environment. It also can be used in situations where metal cladding may afford protection, but at a significant cost increase compared to PVC sheeting. Many facilities may also take advantage of the material in specific areas where there is a need for corrosion and chemical protection, or where employees frequently clean out a room, but use other products if the application requires it.

Storage Facilities for Corrosive Agents

In Northern states, municipalities often try to keep a store of road salt and sand before winter sets in so that they can keep roadways safe during the winter months. Farms also often have fertilizer storage units to keep away from sparks or other flammable sources. The flashpoint of PVC AG-TUF is non-combustible until 750 degrees Fahrenheit and still provides the same ability to hose down facilities and limit the corrosive tendencies of materials like road salt. The sheets also do not start degrading or even softening until ambient temperatures reach 155 degrees, good for use in these environments regardless of the region of the country where a customer wants to install the PVC sheeting.

Address Outdoor Concerns with PVC AG-TUF UV

Anyone who has seen older buildings know that the sun beating down can wear away many materials. The AG-TUF UV PVC sheeting includes ultraviolet (UV) protection which PVC vendors like H & F Manufacturing recommend for outdoor applications. In addition to the benefits of resisting chemicals and rust protection, companies like marinas can guarantee longer-lasting exterior protection compared to other alternatives.

However, it is not just high sunlight areas that benefit, but also areas with large temperature variances during the day or from season to season that can include car washes and gas stations. The PVC sheeting remains easy to cut and apply only to the areas where they are needed, saving costs for consumers who do not need protection throughout an entire facility or building.

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