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Benefits of Polycarbonate Panels Over Fiberglass

As far as great debates go, “polycarbonate panels vs. fiberglass panels” is exactly on the same level as “Coke vs. Pepsi” or “The Beatles vs. The Stones.” Yet there are important distinctions between the two, and as makers of polycarbonate panels, we know which will side we’d pick. Read on to see some of the benefits of polycarbonate panels over fiberglass, especially when used as siding and roofing panels. Appearance Compared to fiberglass, polycarbonate panels have

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Polycarbonate Cold Frames & Greenhouses: Which is Right For You?

You’ll find greenhouses and cold frames in pretty much every climate, helping protect plants from extreme heat and extreme cold. Which option is right for your backyard? They both come with advantages and disadvantages. Cold frames are transparent, low-to-the-ground enclosures used to protect plants from adverse weather while also allowing them to receive sunlight. They are essentially a miniature greenhouse, and were in fact first built to be used in addition to a heated greenhouse.

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