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ULTRA-R ® Panels Make a Big Splash at a Texas Waterpark

ULTRA-R ® Polycarbonate Panels roofingAs the calendar page flips from October to November, the trees transform from bright yellows and oranges to barren and grey. The days grow shorter, the nights longer, and the temperature plummets.

For anyone who lives in North America, these sure signs of winter means that it will be six months or more before the family can again enjoy the carefree fun of a waterpark. For anyone north of the most extreme southern parts of the United States, it is entirely too cold outside to zip down a waterslide or ride idly round and round on a lazy river.

Or is it?

No matter how cold it gets outside, temperatures are always in the 80s in an indoor water park.

The indoor water park, a concept that took the nation by storm beginning in 1994, has become a phenomenon that has transformed the way travelers think about their vacations. No longer are families required to take vacation only during the crowed summer months. Indoor water parks offer a low-cost alternative to expensive tropical vacations during the winter.

And now H & F Manufacturing Corporation, a leader in the manufacture of plastic siding, roofing, and louver panels since 1973, is a part of the waterpark legacy, as their ULTRA-R ® panels were used at one of the country’s premier waterparks ? South Padre Island located in Galveston, Texas.

The ULTRA-R ® panels were the ideal material for the waterpark application, offering virtually unbreakable strength, moisture and UV resistance, and fire retardancy. The lightweight polycarbonate panels were easy to install and provide long-term performance.

South Padre Island called on H&F Manufacturing for their 1/16″ thick ULTRA-R ® Panels, with clear polycarbonate panels on be used as siding, and soft white (85% LT) to be used as roofing panels. They also used 1/8″ thick flat clear polycarbonate sheets on some of the movable doors and windows of the waterpark.

H & F Manufacturing Corporation has a line of PHASE-2 ® PVC and UNITREX ® Polycarbonate Panels that are the ideal building materials for any application requiring durability, chemical and UV resistance, and a “new look” appearance.

Thanks to H & F Manufacturing Corporation, there’s no need to book a plane ticket when the kids get cabin fever this winter. Whether you crave surfing 35-mph waves, or just a relaxing ride in tube on a lazy river, H & F Manufacturing Corporation has the ideal building materials for any application requiring durability, chemical and UV resistance.