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Uses for Twin Wall Polycarbonate Panels

Are you thinking about making some home improvements? Consider using twin wall polycarbonate panels in your next project.

There are number of benefits to using this material

Here are some uses for twin wall polycarbonate panels in your home: it’s light and easy to work with, resists weathering, excels at transmitting light, and is designed to be tough and durable.

Sun rooms and greenhouses

As we noted in our last blog entry, polycarbonate is competing with glass for dominance in the greenhouse world. It’s more durable, distributes heat more evenly and is easier to assemble. In fact, greenhouses are one of the primary uses for twin wall polycarbonate panels. The product’s excellent thermal insulation will make it a great choice for your sun room, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Are you thinking about installing a skylight, but worried about it breaking? A skylight made from twin wall polycarbonate has a much higher impact resistance than glass, and – unlike glass—blocks 100 percent of UV rays.

Storm panels

As we said above, polycarbonate panels make for excellent greenhouses, and the same principle applies to their use as storm panels: this tough material will look great while still withstanding extreme weather.

Room dividers

Get all the privacy you need while getting all the light you want by installing twin wall polycarbonate panel room dividers. They’re easy to install and work with, and are essentially unbreakable.

In addition to these four applications, twin wall polycarbonate is also used to make shower enclosures, patios and carports. If you’re interested in using twin wall polycarbonate panels, get in touch with H&F Manufacturing.

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