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Introducing UNITREX® Ultra R-Panel Corrugated Polycarbonate Panel

For Release: Immediately Contact: Jason Dunn • 1-800-474-2732 • Introducing UNITREX® Ultra R-Panel; the Strongest Corrugated Polycarbonate Panel Available Based on strength and performance, Ultra R-Panel is the ultimate siding and roofing polycarbonate panel for your facility. Ultra R-Panel is designed as an exact match to a metal R-Panel profile. Ultra R-Panels take on harsh weather conditions, impacts from warehouse equipment, and corrosive chemicals and liquids, and still makes your building look like

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Emergency at a large chemical company in Southern Georgia resolved with PVC Corrugated Panels

On a Saturday afternoon, we received a call from a large chemical company in Southern Georgia informing us that an emergency had developed in one of their operation buildings. In order to put this building back into operation a quantity of our Phase-2 PVC corrugated panels, cut to special lengths, would be required at the plant on Monday morning. H&Fs “emergency crew” prepared these PVC corrugated panels on Sunday morning and by noon the panels were on the

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