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All Weather Building Panels: The Latest in the Evolution

Corrugated polycarbonate roofing panelsFrom freezing, subzero temperatures to dry heat or high humidity; nature has continually tested the limits of building material. From the time that man first started to make changes in the way he lived, moving away from a nomadic lifestyle to constructing dwellings to settle into for longer periods, building materials have continuously evolved in an attempt to defeat weather.

With this evolution in mind, all-weather buildings panels, the strongest corrugated polycarbonate panel in the market today, is the ultimate siding and polycarbonate roofing panel for any application ? and may be the most highly evolved building material used by man yet!!

Not convinced? Let’s review the evolution of building materials:

  • An abundance of resources that followed the end of the last ice age allowed man to stay in one place. Cave dwellings gave way to makeshift shelters made from animal skins for protection from the weather.
  • Mud and clay were among the first building materials used. The adhesive quality of clay made it easy to work with and form into shapes. Straw, hay, sticks or other organic fibers were used to help in holding the mud together. Dung was added to this mixture to form adobe. Sometimes the earth was compacted or “rammed” together to form walls, dikes and other structures.
  • Near the Arctic, the Inuit used ice to build igloo homes.
  • Logs, sticks, thatch, brush and wood were used for early construction purposes.
  • Large uncut rocks piled together or stuck together with some form of adhesive lead to Megalithic structures consisting of massive unfinished stones.
  • More recently, human civilization has devised more advanced composite building materials, such as concrete and cement, often reinforced with steel or other metal.

From mud huts and tents, to towering skyscrapers made of gleaming glass, civilizations from all around the world have used building materials designed in capitulation to local weather conditions.

Until now….

All Weather Building Panels can withstand harsh weather conditions, impact from warehouse equipment, assault from corrosive chemicals and liquids, and still make your building look like new. Designed to take on harsh weather conditions and abuse from day to day warehouse operations, these polycarbonate roofing panels are also highly corrosion resistant and can be used for new or retrofit skylights, sidelights, siding, and roofing applications.

All Weather Buildings Panels are specifically engineered to maintain interior climate control regardless of external weather conditions. Available in a wide range of colors, finishes, dimensions and a variety of other unique options, our systems will help you unleash your full design capabilities for projects when energy efficiency is as important as design flexibility.

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