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Polycarbonate Roofing Panels: Built for Your Needs

Polycarbonate panels can be used for a number of applications owing to their strength, resistance to temperature swings and sunlight, and cost effectiveness. Those features, among others, are why many builders and engineers have considered the family of polycarbonate roofing panels manufactured by H&F Manufacturing Corporation. Here are some of our offerings and why they work for so many construction needs:

Unitrex Ultra 9 and Ultra R-Panels

Many customers end up choosing Ultra 9 and Ultra R polycarbonate roofing panels instead of corrugated metal as a way to retrofit or construct new roofing for a variety of residential, industrial, and commercial needs. The R-panel is the strongest corrugated paneling made of a non-metal material that is available on the market today.

The Ultra R panel is designed in 12-inch paneling, although it can be manufactured in panels more than three feet wide and up to 40 feet long. Due to the polymers used, it is able to resist corrosion, as well as chemical spills in commercial facilities such as those that use acids and bases to clean metal, for example. Unlike some metal alternatives, Ultra 8 and Ultra R panels retain their integrity even if struck by shards from equipment failures.

As with other polycarbonate panels sold by H&F Manufacturing, another key benefit of these panels is their light weight, as well as the UV resistance, which prevents the yellowing and discoloration of panels (available in clear, white opal, and soft white construction). They can be used for skylights as a way to reduce energy costs for facilities, yet still offer light transmission competitive with non-metallic panel alternatives.

Common applications beyond skylights include: roofing for metal buildings, whether flat or arched, replacements for metal roofs in locations with exposure to corrosive chemicals like salt storage facilities, and warehouses, as well as sheds and greenhouses for the residential market.

Unitrex Suntop

If a builder tries to incorporate polycarbonate roofing panels, sometimes there are issues, especially in the Northeast and Southwest, that temperature control can be a factor with materials. The Unitrex Suntop is designed to combine the best aspects of polycarbonate panels and foam insulation. This allows the corrugated construction to retain the lightweight of a polymer while still being able to keep applications at a constant temperature.

However, just like the Ultra 9 and Ultra R-Panels, the Suntop system has improved impact resistance compared to other non-metal roofing and siding corrugated polymer materials. One significant benefit is that when an errant piece of metal or other debris strikes the panel and creates a crack, it does not shatter or create a large spider web, meaning that the integrity remains the same. Like the other materials sold by H&F Manufacturing, it still has UV radiation protection, cannot rust and deals well with corrosion and heat. This makes it a good choice for refrigerated areas in warmer climates or during the summer months and less likely to fail in colder weather in uses such as greenhouses.

In addition to greenhouses and skylights, residential applications also include enclosures for swimming pools and covered walkways. It can also be used along with other types of polycarbonate roofing panels as a skylight.

Other H&F Polycarbonate Roof Panel Options

There are a number of applications for polycarbonate roof panels which is why H&F offers a wide variety of options for customers. That includes the Phase-2 suite of polymer options. These range from PVC panels for roofing in industrial projects as well as the AG-TUFF panels for agricultural applications and complement roofing panels from other families of products.

Other Unitrex polycarbonate panels chiefly cover skylight and greenhouse applications. They include the Sunsky which come in various levels of translucence. This affords builders and engineers the ability to regulate the amount of natural light transmission, as do the Sunlite roof panels.

Get Help Finding Polycarbonate Panels for Your Needs

Since these types of polycarbonate products can be used for a variety of applications, buyers need to be aware of which features are necessary for their projects. Start with the product brochures available at:

Unitrex Polycarbonate Panels Brochure

UNITREX Ultra-R/Ultra 9 Panel Brochure

UNITREX Ultra-R/Ultra 9 Panel Standards & Specifications

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