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Polycarbonate Panels: Industrial Beauty & Strength

What are Polycarbonate Panels?

Polycarbonate panels used as sidelights in a warehouseUnitrex Polycarbonate is the heavy-duty corrugated panel — ideal for new or replacement siding, and roofing in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings subject to frequent damage from weather, polluted atmosphere, and high impact forces. Unitrex Polycarbonate panels provide long-term durability against denting, cracking, or peeling of siding and roofing panels.

To assure light transmission and color stability characteristics, Unitrex® Polycarbonate panels are completely UV resistant, offering a substantial advantage over other siding and roofing panels. Unitrex Polycarbonate panels also have a non-combustible flame spread rating of 6 — considerably less than other non-metallic panels.

Uses for Polycarbonate Panels:

From warehouses to sheds, Polycarbonate Panels give you limitless application opportunities in industrial, commercial, and residential uses.

Polycarbonate Panels are built to last for a variety of applications, for example:

  •  Car Ports
  •  Conservatories
  •  Covered Walkways
  •  Garages
  •  Glazing
  •  Greenhouses
  •  Partitions
  •  Set Designs
  •  Skylights
  •  FRP Replacement
  •  Sidelights
  •  Swimming Pool Enclosures
  •  Warehouses

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