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Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Panels

There are a lot of different materials you can use to put a roof on your property: tiles, metal, slate or even traditional shingles.

But today we’d like to make the case for using corrugated plastic panels for your roof. Phase-2 PVC Panels available from H&F Manufacturing are designed for both residential and commercial use, making them an ideal solution for a number of roofing and siding projects. Here are a few benefits of corrugated plastic panels to consider when it comes time to put a new cover on your home or business.

  1. They cost less to maintain

Corrugated plastic is easy to clean: instead of having to rent pressure washers or any other sort of high-end cleaning equipment. You just need a hose and a soft cloth in order to prevent scratches. You should also be sure to only use cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. They’re durable

Corrugated plastic roofing panels are heavy-gauge roofing solutions which are typically coated with anti-scratch coating and ultraviolet protection. That means your roof will remain undamaged for a long time, even in the face of hostile environmental conditions. They offer superior corrosion resistance against many organic and inorganic chemical fumes as well, and will not become brittle or yellowed with age.

  1. They’re colorful

These corrugated plastic panels can come in a variety of colors, which can really transform the look of your home or business. Get away from the standard neutral tints and choose something a little more vibrant. Moreover, Phase-2 PVC Panels are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions and physical abuse, meaning their colors will last longer than many other plastic panels.

  1. They can provide more light

Corrugated plastic roofing material can be translucent, which means you can use them to create a polycarbonate skylight. You’ll increase the amount of light in your building during the day, which will in turn lower your electric bill.

  1. They’re cost effective

When you choose corrugated plastic panels as your roofing material, you’re making a wise short and long term investment. They’re easy to have installed, which means you’ll save on labor costs. And as we said above, they’re durable and easy to clean, so you won’t have to spend as much on maintenance and replacing damaged panels.

  1. They’re versatile

While this article focuses on the benefits of Phase-2 PVC Panels for roofing purposes, they also make an effective siding solution.

If you’re interested in installing corrugated plastic panels on your roof, contact H&F Manufacturing Corp. For more than 40 years, we’ve been a leading maker of industrial-commercial plastic building materials.

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you give your building a new look that will last for years.