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Polycarbonate & PVC Corrugated Panels Variety of Flat Thermoplastic Sheeting

Offering the ideal building materials for any application requiring durability, chemical and UV resistance, and a “new look” appearance.

Phase-2® PVC Panels

Mainly used for siding, roofing and louver panels, Phase-2 PVC Sheets provide a unique and versatile solution for a vast array of industrial and commercial applications. These solid, heavy-gauge PVC Panels are cost effective, and maintain color and structural integrity under the harshest weather conditions and physical abuse.

UNITREX® Polycarbonate Panels

UNITREX Polycarbonate Panels are a heavy duty, corrugated building material for new or replacement siding and roofing applications. UNITREX Panels offer maxium protection against cracking and peeling. Virtually UV resistant, the panels also protect your equipment from harsh weather conditions, pollution, harmful UV rays, and high-impact forces.

UNITREX® Multi-Wall Panels

Offering great design flexibility and insulating values, MULTI-WALL panels blend the superior characteristics of polycarbonate with the advantages of multi-wall design. From carports to conservatories, MULTI-WALL panels provide the perfect insulating sheet for an array of roofing, siding, glazing, advertising, and other architectural functions. In addition, Sunlite panels are lightweight, yet very strong, and very aesthetically pleasing.

Home / Hobby Greenhouses

H & F Manufacturing Corp. provides the finest Do-It-Yourself PVC sheets and Polycarbonate building panels and products available. We offer many different sizes and colors to meet almost any backyard project challenge. Our material is light weight and easy to handle and install. Our material is built to last and will add great looks to any do-it-yourself project around your home or property.

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